We present, NRSurCat-1, the catalog of posterior samples associated with the paper “Analysis of GWTC-3 with fully precessing numerical relativity surrogate models”, Islam et al, 2023. This includes 47 binary black hole gravitational wave events (from 2015-2020, LVK O1-O3) analyzed using the NRSur7dq4 and NRSur7dq4Remnant models.

This website contain plots of NRSurCat-1 posteriors and example code for downloading and interacting with the results. The pages in this website are:

NRSurrogate Events

Contains a list of all analysed events with links to their pages, containing corner plots and animations for the events, such as the following animations for GW150914.

Catalog plots

Demonstrates how to load the entire catalog and make plots.

API documentation

Describes the python and command-line interface to the catalog package.

Data availability#

The posterior samples are available on Zenodo and can also be downloaded using the python-API, nrsur_catalog:

! pip install nrsur_catalog
get_nrsur_event --event-name GW150914_095045 
get_nrsur_event --all

See more on the catalog API page.

Load samples from one event with

from nrsur_catalog import NRsurResult

nrsur_result = NRsurResult.load("GW150914_095045")

For example, refer to the page for GW150914_095045.

Load samples from all events with

from nrsur_catalog import Catalog

catalog = Catalog.load()

See more on the catalog plots page.


If you make use of the NRSurCat-1, please cite this work and its dependencies.

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License & attribution#

All analyses were performed with ❤️ using:

Copyright 2023 NRSur Catalog team.

The source code is made available under the terms of the MIT license.

Website acknowledgements#

This website was generated using Jupyter book and code from Dan Foreman-Mackey’s TESS Atlas project.